This show is all about upgrading the top five people in your life, but how do you do that?


You need to embrace a powerful community of driven people and network with people who are where you want to be. Instead of just telling you, we’re going to show you.


In this case study, you’re going to hear about the incredible growth and transformation that people like you have experienced after joining a community of like-minded people.


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Key takeaways from the Inner Circle members:


2:30 – Michael Sealy

  • It’s important to be more interested than interesting.
  • How many steps ahead do you need to be to help somebody? Just one.
  • Michael explains why he believes you are the average of 15 people, not just five.


5:10 – Jen Miller

  • In just 3 months, Jen is already overcoming her limiting beliefs.
  • Don’t trade hours for dollars. Learn the difference between being your own employee and being a business owner.
  • You don’t need to fail forward when you can ask for advice.


8:40 – Michelle Marshall

  • Making connections is critical, but it can be hard to imagine the positive effect before you experience it.
  • Connections can help you shift your mindset and overcome limiting beliefs.
  • There’s some benefit to observing the lessons we teach on this podcast. There’s a heck of a lot more benefit to applying those lessons and taking action.


13:45 – Peter Lee

  • “I haven’t taken full advantage of the resources available to us, and the impact that it has had on me is still amazing… and that’s without taking advantage of everything that is available within it!”
  • Everyone has their own pace, and you can get value from the group at any pace.
  • The group provides opportunities to form relationships for accountability and care.


20:15 – Jeff Dolan

  • This community is a place where you can talk about entrepreneurship, when you can’t anywhere else. You can be totally transparent.
  • As an executive, the group is a safe place for Jeff to share anything.
  • There is a good mix of career entrepreneurs and 9-to-5ers.


26:45 – Michael Carlino

  • The community helps you get to the next level.
  • Bi-monthly group calls keep you focused and engaged.
  • “The one thing that surprised me about the Inner Circle is the amount of engagement that each member has with one another.”


28:05 – Jacqui Brauman

  • Jacqui related to Geoff’s journey in season 1, and the group allowed her more access and real feedback.
  • Implementing the 411 and the 1, 3, 5 have been crucial to Jacqui’s success over the past 12 months.
  • It’s important to have a peer who can be your accountability partner.


32:35 – Robert Murray

  • You’re surrounding yourself with value.
  • It can completely transform the people you surround yourself with.
  • The Inner Circle is greater value than a personal coach.




At the end of January, we will be closing the doors to The Inner Circle, Geoff Wood’s private mastermind group. We created The Inner Circle because you asked for it – and we’re closing the doors so we can offer the group even more value. 


If you are ready to surround yourself with the right people, it’s time to join the Inner Circle. Receive targeted mentorship, find accountability partners, and join our private mentorship call every two weeks!


Click here to join the Inner Circle now.

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