Bonus – Consuming Content vs. Taking Action

I got an email today that I had to share with you…

Christian is a listener of The Mentee Podcast and reached out to me because is looking to surround himself with great mentors.

Like many of you, he is struggling to balance consuming content with taking action and implementing what he is learning.

Here is what he had to say (do you ever feel like this?)

“I’m reaching out to you because I have a PROBLEM that I think you can solve. It’s the idea of handling information overload, and forming a system to combat it.

My biggest goal is to become an amazing networker, and build meaningful relationships. 

***Here’s my question!***

In your opinion, what would be the absolute BEST way to take a systematized approach using Evernote in terms of reading/studying them, taking notes, creating an action plan, AND ACTUALLY IMPLEMENTING the ideas used in these resources, without feeling overwhelmed and making my head explode?

I just want to become amazing with relationships this year and I really need to form an action plan for getting this part of my life handled.

I’m SICK of being lonely

I’m SICK of going to these networking events and not knowing what the hell to say

and I’m sick of setting all these goals for myself and not achieving anything!”

Want to hear my response to him? (click the video below)

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