Ep 10. Mission Meeting – The Secret to an Abundant Life…Forgiveness

Today is a special episode. Last week we had one of the best Mission Meetings we’ve ever had, and today you get to listen to part of it. We talk, what Dave considers to be secret to an abundant life…forgiveness.

In our last mission meeting, I talked about my goals for the year. I set an income goal that is higher than I have ever achieved, I also announced to the group that the podcast was officially launched, and I hit the New & Noteworthy section and top 20 in business right off the bat, which just blew me away. I felt like I was on cloud 9…. But after than meeting, things started to fall apart…

I returned from my National Sales Meeting and had a week full of sales appointments. Unfortunately, I had a bad first call. It did not go well. Instead of canceling the negative energy I was feeling at the time, i carried it with me right into my next appointment. That call went poorly as well. Instead of taking the time to cancel that negative energy, I carried with me all week. I carried it into my home and into the relationship with my wife, and we began to fight. All of a sudden I was dropping in the podcast rankings. Then, something happened with my computer and I lost 20 hours of interview audio with amazing people. Things continued to fall apart until I was on the verge of tears and breaking down, when I finally said…

“I forgive myself!”

I forgive myself, because clearly there is a lesson to be learned here, or else I would not have attracted all this into my life. After this week’s Mission Meeting, I know the lesson is that I am accountable for everything that happens in my life. Every single thing that happens in my life, I attract. So when things are not going well, I simple need to FORGIVE MYSELF, shift my energy, and imagine exactly what it is that I DO want. It all comes down to forgiveness!

This is not an easy message to digest or accept. You can only begin to truly accept it once you are willing to be honest with yourself and have a high level of personal accountability. Some of you reading this may never get there. My hope though, is that by surrounding you with the people who are changing my life, that you will make progress in that direction. Once you get there, it is truly liberating and empowering.

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