Ep 15. Pat Flynn’s Mentorship on Launching My Podcast

In this episode, you get to listen in on my call I had with Pat Flynn as he mentored me on the right way to launch my podcast.

What are your entrepreneurial dreams?  How do you plan to build streams of cash that pay you every month?

 As I pondered this question, I knew I wanted to be able to eventually achieve this through my podcast, but how?  I set out on a mission to connect with those who had already successfully monetized their podcasts.  After reaching out to my immediate network and asking who they knew, I quickly got connected with one of the most successful podcasters out there, Pat Flynn.
You Must Be Different
  • Figure out how you can stand out from everyone else.  Loves the idea of me documenting my journey and providing exposure to mentors most people don’t have the opportunity to interface with.  To strongly take on the position of The Mentee.
The Importance of Your Avatar
  • You need to have a clear description of who your avatar is.  To identify this, see who else is targeting your same audience, and find social media platforms where conversations are already taking place.  Find a way to contribute to them.  Also, sit down and have a real conversation with someone who fits my avatar.  Use these to drive the clarity on your avatar.
Monetization Strategies
  • Once you find your avatar, they will tell you what the premium product is they are looking for
  • With The Mentee branding, it may make sense to have a higher level exposure to my mentors.  Its okay to charge for access.
  • Do an eBook or an Amazon book, that will add credibility and will help build your audience
  • Put together a course
  • Group Coaching
  • 1 on 1 Coaching
How Do You Solicit Feedback From Your Listeners ?
  • Build your email list
  • Establish time based emails to go out to them, or action based emails
  • An email saying “What are you struggling with right now? I’d love to help… let me know!”  This feedback helps drive the products and courses he develops
  • Use email software like MailChimp, AWeber, InfusionSoft, Ontraport
Strategy for Hitting New & Noteworthy
  • Do a pre-launch where you start building hype around the podcast coming soon
  • Need to make Launch Day and event.  Let everyone in your network know the day of your launch so they can help spread the word.  Social shares help.  Some people will do an actual launch party where they do a Google Hangout and invite some of the guests come and spend a few minutes, that way they can drive traffic for you.  If any of your mentors own Facebook forums, they are “share happy” and would likely share within that forum.
  • Launch with at least 3 episodes so people can listen to more content on day 1
  • Need good artwork!  Apple is into design so they will feature things that look good.  Can use Fiverr or 99designs.  This is also the first impression to your audience, so okay to invest here.
  • You need a website where people can go to to subscribe to an email list, leave comments
  • The goal of a podcast is to build a brand on your website, not iTunes
  • Down the road, you can expand your platform to Youtube as an additional way to get subscribers
  • Just put a theme on top of a WordPress platform
Building Your List…What Do You Need?
  • You need some type of lead magnet.  You don’t need something big.  It could be as simple as a 1 page PDF that offers tools for your audience.  Could also be access to a free video that reveals a secret to doing something.
The Importance of Action Items for Your Listeners
  • Giving small calls to action in each episode is a great way to build authority and trust with your audience.  This is a must!
Tag Lines
  • Very important.  You want to get inside the head of your avatar.  What are they looking for?
  • Try to come up with 10 different ideas, incorporating various buzz words, and see what comes out
Editing Your Podcasts
See Pat’s Resources Page
Check Out Pat’s Smart Podcast Player
Pat’s Podcasts


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