Ep 16. Giving up 7 Figures a Year to Run a Non-Profit…Learning to Stand in Your Power with Wes Chapman

Imagine earning 7 figures a year a deciding to give it all up to start a non-profit.  In today’s episode you learn the importance of knowing who you are and standing in your own power.

Wes Chapman has lives a life filled with challenges and pain no person should every have to experience.  By age 1 he was abandoned by his biological father.  By age 6.5 he was abandoned by his biological mother.  He was abused in every way you can imagine (physical, emotional, mental, sexual, and spiritual) from the ages of 1 to 16.  Before his 16th birthday, he had tried to commit suicide 12 documented times.

Considering everything that he went through, by the age of 8, he realized that he needed to be able to take care of himself, and that meant he needed to find ways to generate income.  So, Wes decided to launch his first business selling flowers door to door.  In his first day in business, he made $500 and an entrepreneur was born.

Fast forward 18 years, by the age of 26 Wes had become a very successful entrepreneur and had launched a full service consulting and marketing company.  If you have ever watched the show Mad Men, it was similar to that.  In 5 short years, his firm went from nobody knowing who they were to one of the top agencies in the state.  At the time, Wes was earning 6 figure every couple weeks!

Then something happened.  Wes took a vacation, and while laying on the beach he realized that he was not passionate about his company and was not fulfilling his life’s purpose.  So he sold his business and set out on a 4 year journey to explore his passions in search of a purpose he could dedicate his life to serving.

During that time, he was asked to speak at a school that was in a rough area, filled with kids who had similar upbringings to Wes.  That night, when he got home, he had an email from a girl who shared that she had planned to commit suicide that day, but after hearing Wes speak and his story and how he was able to take control of his life, she decided she wanted to live.  Wes had found his calling, and A Human Project was born.  A “for purpose” organization (non-profit) that has a mission to empower youth who have had a rough start at life, and teach them how to live a better life.

Money comes and goes, and basing your identity on money is a risky thing.  You need to find a purpose that you can contribute your time and effort towards that fills your soul.  For many years, Wes hid behind money and material objects.  It wasn’t until he stripped himself of the $3,000 custom suits and the 9 luxury cars that he was able to have an honest conversation with himself about who he was and what his true values were.

Discovering Who You Are
Words have meaning and the quality of your life is often a direct result of the words you use and the questions you ask.  Begin to understand the difference between “what I am” and “who am I”.  What I am is an entrepreneur, a podcast host, a father, a husband.  Who am I is a very different thing.  In society today people often allow their job or their accolades define them.  They do not get to the mean of the question “who am i?”  Get rid of all the noise, get rid of all the junk, and accept who you are.

To get started, you can check out superhuman.life 

Tips to Consider for New Entrepreneurs 

  • Pay close attention to your social media.  What does it say about you? This is important because future clients will look at this.  As an entrepreneur every aspect of your life is being analyzed because people are buying you!  Make sure that your social media is reflective of you brand.
  • Be focused on defining your “uniqueness”.  How is your product or your strategy different?  This is imperative for you any entrepreneur who wants to succeed.
  • Only step into the entrepreneurial world once you know who you are.  For me, Wes advised me to take a weekend away with the family, away from my normal life, without technology or distractions, and get clarity on my next steps.  It wasn’t until I did this that I was able to confidently move forward with this podcast documenting my journey from employee to entrepreneur.  Consider taking this advice for yourself as well.  Take the time to go some place quiet for a weekend (camping, the mountains, etc.) and really do some soul searching.  Once you can confidently feel a direction, go there.  You do not need to know with 100% certainty where you are going, just that you are moving in the right direction.

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