Ep 18. How to Stand Out and Grow a Massive Online Following – Joel Brown’s Mentorship

Today I expose you to the mentorship Joel Brown gave me on standing out and growing a massive online following.  Joel Brown is the Founder of Addicted 2 Success, a platform that empowers and inspires others to be the best version of themselves.  His website has had over 53 million views and his podcast had over 200,000 downloads in the first two months.  I sought his counsel because my focus is on growing my audience, and wanted to learn from someone who has had experience doing that.

How to Grow Your Audience

  • Focus delivering value and providing quality content
  • He has focused on delivering one post a day.  However, if he feels that the quality is not there, he will pass on posting that day.
  • Be good with your visuals.  Choose pictures that are relevant to the article you are writing
  • Your website is not a blog, it’s a brand!  What does it say about you?
  • Build a community around your brand

How to Write Quality Content When You Don’t Consider Yourself a Writer

  • If you’re like me, then writing is not your strongest skill.  Joel shared that his original work was not the best quality.  It was short and it was simple, but people read it and were still able to get value out of the message.  He shared that by simply putting pen to paper and pouring his heart out, he was able to find a message that was worth sharing, and he simply share it.  Not everyone is trying to be a professional writer, so don’t beat yourself up.  As as you continue to post, your skills will improve to the point that you could potentially become a professional.

Why You Need to Be on All Social Platforms

  • Different people have different places they like to get content.  This is why it is smart to use the content you are creating and distribute it through all channels: podcast, youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, etc.  Joel had a lot of success tying his social media accounts together.  An example is a Tweet that says “if you love our Tweets, check out or Facebook page for exclusive content not seen here”.  Then he would ensure that there was content that was exclusive to Facebook.
  • Never be emotionally attached tied to any platform.  A few years ago, Facebook picture quotes were new and gained significant traction.  However, as it gained in popularity Facebook made a change to their algorithm and the posts that used to get 70,000 views were suddenly being filtered and only receiving 10% of that.  If you rely on one platform to support your business, if that platform changes the rules or ceases to exist, your business could be affected negatively.
  • When posting, always be the best version of you, delivering your unique value to the world, so no matter what platform you are on people will follow you there.

3 Keys to Stand Out in a Saturated Social Media World

  • Today, the social media platforms are flooded with content, some good and some not so good.  To stand out requires a trip back to the basics of Transparency, Purpose, and Meaning.  If you are going to release content, make sure you have these 3 elements so you can bring as much original content to your audience.  This holds true for almost everything in your life (business, relationships, etc.), you have to be authentic and original to stand out and make an impact.

Cost Effective Ways to Get People to Work For you

  • When first starting out, keeping expenses low is very important.  However, when starting a business while holding down a job, your time needs to be allocated carefully.  That means doing the highest income and impact actions to move your business forward.  Here are a few options:
  • Post on Social Media that you are looking for an intern to help with your work load.  They can gain valuable experience to build their resume, and you can offer them mentorship in exchange.
  • Hire a virtual assistant.  With the internet, you can get qualified people who live out of the US at very affordable rates.  If you don’t think you can afford to pay a VA $3/hour, I challenge you to look at the situation differently.  Is your time worth more than $3/hour?  If the answer is yes, then how can you afford not to?  Now I’m not saying you need someone full time, but you could simply contract a VA as needed for a few hours a week to help you with the mundane tasks that you have no business doing.  If you want to become a millionaire, you need to start acting like one, and that means knowing the value of your time and delegating when your time is more valuable than the cost to have someone else do it.

Why Finding Your Passion is Terrible Advice

  • Tell someone who is in an employee role and not living their dream to just “find your passion and do that” is really terrible advice.  How does someone go about finding their passion?
  • Life is an series of experiments.  You look at some of the most influential business leaders like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson, you will notice that they are all passionately curious.  They spend their days seeing what is possible and immersing themselves in their passions.
  • For you, the reader who is still in search of your passion, I encourage you to step outside of your daily routine and try something new.  Just experiment with new things.  As you do this and go through your days, have an awareness of how you feel.  What makes you happy?  What do you love to do?  What are you good at?  When you keep experimenting you will find your passion, and once you do, just start running and do not stop.  Action is the most important thing.

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