As I focus on growing my audience, one of the key strategies I am pursuing is becoming a contributing writer for content providers like Entrepreneur Magazine. I spend enough time on my soap box talking about surrounding yourself with people who are where you want to be, so I took this as another opportunity to show you how I do this in my life, which I why today I am introducing you to Jesse Torres.

Jesse is the host of CNBC Radio’s Money Talk and he is also a contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine. Through those two ventures he has been able to work and consult with hundreds of entrepreneurs. In the process he has been able to identify the common challenges entrepreneurs go through and consistent ways those entrepreneurs have been able to succeed.

I met Jesse at a networking event where he was part of a speakers panel, and in my usual style, I approached him as he came off stage and asked him to do an interview. In our discussion I explored what it takes to become a contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine and the ways he repurposes his content.

How to Become a Contributing Writer for Entrepreneur Magazine
If you want to get your name out in the world, you have to become your own biggest promoter. Jesse had been blogging and establishing himself as a subject matter expert for a while. One day, a Senior Editor at Entrepreneur Magazine came across one of his blog posts and reached out to Jesse.

A few key points:

  • You have to have the belief in yourself that you can do this.
  • You have to put yourself out there and deliver content consistently.
  • You need to be relentless. You cannot quit and need to put the time into establishing yourself as a subject matter expert.
  • Persist until you succeed. It may not come in a month, or a year, but in time you will get your shot.

Leveraging the Work You’ve Already Done – Repurposing Your Content

As a content provider you are constantly stretched for time. This is something I have been experiencing first hand as I grow my following. Jesse has a simple formula for taking the content he already has, and maximizing its impact by using on various platforms:

Interview – Identify the people in your industry that you want to learn from, line up the interview, and record it audio or audio and visual. (I use tools like Skype to accomplish this).

Write – write a blog post or article for a publication based on your interview.

Audio – take the audio files and publish in the form of a podcast.

Video – take the video of your interview or shoot a video of you discussing the content from the interview and publish on Youtube

Book – compile your best interviews, have them transcribed, put into story form, and you have a book!

How He Finds People to Interview
He attends events and announced that he is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine and is looking for people to interview. Then he has people send him their pitch and if it is a good fit, he lines it up.
Engaging Your Alumni Network. For Jesse this includes reaching out to his business school contacts and leveraging social media.


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