Ep 24. Creating Influence of Significance – Mark Anthony Bates

This episode you meet Mark Anthony Bates, one of the mentors I have modeled myself after when it comes to connecting with people and forming relationships that matter.  The topics we discuss are how I have formed relationships with all my mentors.  If you take action on the counsel provided in this episode it will transform your relationships and you will create influence of significance.

3 Key Takeaways and Actions

Every podcast you listen to, identify 3 takeaways and 3 actions, then take them

Everyone needs a mentor.  If you do not have at least 3 mentors, go find one.  And if you need help, go to www.menteepodcast.com/gift and there is something to help you there.

Stop someone today, say “excuse me, has anyone told you that you are appreciated today? Because you are!”  See how it affects them, and you.


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