The top performers in the world all focus on their mind as much as they do their body.  Dave Austin is a peak mental performance coach who specializes in building world-class mindsets.  Today you get to do a visualization exercise used by the top athletes in the world. 

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Key Points From Our Conversation

When you shift your mind to see every aspect as an opportunity, everything changes for you.

Success or failure has a direct relationship to what your daily habits are. Be committed to having the right habits.

Ask yourself “What is the value of me succeeding?”  If you have enough value tied to your success, then you will get up and do what is required every day.  If you find that you are not following through on the habits you want to have (for me, its not eating every cookie my wife bakes…just can’t break it) then you do not have enough VALUE associated with your success.

Important Actions for Visualization

Before Beginning a visualization exercise write down 3 intentions.  An intention is how you get to your goals.  Example, you are entering visualization, your intention could be to finish feeling energized and empowered by the visualization.  I set intentions before going into meetings with an intention of making a meaningful connection with the person I am meeting and to make them feel special.  What intentions can you set?

Think of what you are grateful for and get yourself into a state of gratitude, then close your eyes and begin your visualization.

The key is practicing these things daily

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