Gene McNaughton is the former Executive Vice President of Sales for Tony Robbins, and he shattered sales records with Tony for the 3 years he was there and had privilege of being one of the few “opening acts” speaking for Tony’s cornerstone event, “Unleash the Power Within”.  Not many people get to say they shared the stage with Tony, and Gene did over 26 times for the event alone. Prior to his time with Tony, Gene worked with Gateway computers.  When Gene started there is was small obsolete company, and 12 years later Gene helped take them to an $11 billion dollar powerhouse.  

Gene’s specialty is sales and now he travel the world speaking to large audiences as well as working with fortune 500 companies on ways to improve top line revenues.  

This is great conversation that he and I had at my clubhouse in my neighborhood, and I’m really glad I was able to record this. Today we cover:

His time with Tony Robbins

Sales Mastery and Relationships

Key ways to leverage technology to build rapport

Dealing with Objections & Rejections

Key Takeaways From Our Conversation

Survey those who are at the top of your field, find out what they are doing well and adopt that as your own

Ask higher quality questions, get higher quality answers

Nobody will love your business as much as you do.  Whether you see yourself as a sales person or not, at the end of the day, it falls on you to get the job done and bring home the bacon. 

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