You must do this if you want to succeed in business.  You must build raving fans! These customers are loyal to you and will guarantee your business not only succeeds, but also thrives.  So how do you do this?

Today you listen in on my conversation with Peter Voogd.  Peter is labeled as the leading authority for young entrepreneurs.  He is someone who is where I want to be, making a tremendous impact in the world while making a lot of money doing it.

So Where Do You Start?

Claim who you want to be and make sure it’s authentic.

Then consistently add value (talk about things that are unique to you)

How to Find Your Niche? 

Where do you have results?

Where have you done the research?

Where have you been a role model to others?

Research your audience.  They are marketing geniuses.  They know exactly how you need to market to them, you just need to ask.

How to Create Raving Fans

Create Followers first.  These people just follow you by you simply adding value

Turn them into Supporters by being consistent and congruent in what you say and do.  At this point, they may start sharing some of your content or products with their friends.

Turn them into Believers, where to them, you are the real deal.  The only way to do this is to improve their results tangibly.

This turns them into Advocates & Raving Fans by shifting their frequency and getting them bottom line results.  At this point, they will share and promote you endlessly.  Once you get 50 raving fans, you have a business that will thrive!

What Do You Do Next?

Develop the product based on what your customers tell you they want.  Guessing or assuming what they want will not do.  Ask them!

Leverage other platforms like podcasts, blogs, magazines, etc.  Identify the top 10 platforms you want to leverage (, Huffington post) and form relationships with the people there.  To get featured in these types of publications, you must network your way in.

The Attention Scale

Get Attention – at this point everyone is cheering you on

Then you get Criticism – once people are criticizing you, you know you are doing something right.

After Criticism come the Haters – if you don’t have haters then you likely are not doing anything worthwhile. 

After the Haters you get Admiration

Finally you become the Authority

Words of Advice to You

Don’t succumb to mediocrity and allow other people to control your agenda.  Become entrepreneurs and live life on your terms.  Inspire people, impact people, and lead people.  The best way to inspire others is to live your best life.

Focus on impact and influence and the income will follow

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