You want to approach a heavy-hitter and seek their guidance.  How do you do it?  What do you say that will make them interested in you?  Today you hear my conversation with The Art of Charm’s Jordan Harbinger. 

Discover how you can approach your own heavy-hitters here

Jordan is a heavy-hitter in the podcasting world.  He is someone I have developed a friendship with (surrounding myself with people who are where I want to be, sound familiar?) so you get to listen on one of our conversations.  He will tell stories of the ways his followers have approached him, the good and the bad.

How to Approach a Heavy Hitter

Keep in mind that “heavy-hitters” are getting hit up by everyone.  Keep this in mind.

Approach with authenticity.  Example: if you say you have mutual friends, name them.  Otherwise you are just saying you are full of it.

You need to get to work figuring out how you can add value to them!

Develop a unique skillset or be willing to do something for that person for free

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Do These 3 Things to Make Connections that Matter

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