Today you meet Leigh Holt, the Founder and CEO of MaddJett.  We discuss her experience being a high-level executive at Warner Music Group and working with celebrities like Blake Shelton and Hunter Hayes, to stepping out on her own as an entrepreneur.   

Last call for my Founding Members group and a chance for me to hold your hand while you upgrade your personal connections and find the ideal mentors.

We dive into the fears she had and the challenges she experienced, going from having an army of staff to help her, to being on her own.  How she learned to identify her strengths and delegate everything else. You will hear her give me advice on how I should be building a loyal following with this podcast and how you can step into entrepreneurship without having to quit your day job.

Key Takeaways From Our Conversation

  • What are you outsourcing now that you could bring in house and capture revenue on?
  • Build something up, hire great people who can make it even bigger, then get out of their way
  • “I want to do what I’m great at, and then enjoy the rest of what this world gives us” – Leigh Holt
  • Putting Risk Into Perspective – You can always get another job.  If this bombs, if you fail, if you are terrible as an entrepreneur, you can always go get another job.
  • Importance of Action Orientation – identifying what you want to do, and putting a plan into place for taking action
  • Build a network of people around you that you can go to when you have challenges as an entrepreneur

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