Ep 36. 3 Ways Money CAN Buy You Happiness – Cole Hatter

Today we discuss 3 ways money can buy you happiness, but not in the way you would normally think of it.  I’m not saying money itself buys you happiness.  What I am saying is that money is a vehicle that can be used to make an impact which can buy you happiness.

The idea for this episode came up during a conversation with two friends of mine, Cole Hatter and Joshua Jordison.  We met each other as a part of an advisory board for a non-profit called A Human Project.  We came together on this day because we are planning an event called Thrive – Make Money Matter that will teach you how to start a “for purpose” organization. 

While we were waiting for Gene McNaughton to arrive (Former Executive Vice President for Tony Robbins who is advising us) we were having a valuable conversation so I grabbed my recorder and hit the record button.

3 Ways Money Can Buy You Happiness

Decide that Making Money Matters

Choose to Leave a Legacy

Create a “For Purpose” Organization



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