Ep 39. The Secrets to Writing for Entrepreneur.com – Stephen Bronner

Have you ever considered writing for a major publication like Entrepreneur.com? If not, my goal with this episode is to change the answer to that.

This was one of my top goals for 2015, and now that I have achieved it and seen how it can help me share my message with a large audience, I wanted to share the secrets with you.

Leverage this action guide to get fast results!

Benefits to Writing for Entrepreneur.com

Ability to share your message with thousands of people

Promote your business in an ethical way to a large audience

Access to editors to help refine your content

Promotion of your content

What They Look For in a Writer

Unique experiences and expertise

That you have achieved some level of success and have authority on what you write about

That you are a good writer

Ability to communicate your message in a concise article

How You Can Become a Writer

Identify the customers you want to serve and the publication they read

Do your homework on the publication.  What are the common themes of their top articles? How are headlines written? How long are posts? You will want to mirror these.

Tell everyone you talk to you that you want to become a contributing writer and are looking to connect with other writers for that publication

Seek advice from those already doing what you want to be doing

Ask to be connected to the editor

Have 2-3 unique pitches ready to go!

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