Ep 4. Mission Meeting w Dave Meltzer – Fmr. CEO Leigh Steinberg Entertainment (sports agency Jerry Maguire was based on)

Welcome to your first Mission Group Meeting!

Back when Dave started mentoring me, his guidance was helping me advance so quickly that we decided it made sense to scale our meetings and help accelerate other people’s lives as well. The Mission Groups were born!

We now have three separate groups with 4-6 people in each. Every two weeks we come together and present what is happening in our lives and where we need help. Dave then shares his experiential knowledge with us to help accelerate our progress and gives us homework for the next two weeks.

These groups have literally changed the lives of every person who is a part of them. I am honored to be able to bring you along with me.

In today’s call we discuss the following:

  • The importance of EXERCISING YOUR MIND just as much as you exercise for your physical body
  • Where i am mentally in my entrepreneurial journey and where I need to be focusing my energy
  • Ways to increase my income – focus on becoming more efficient at my current job to make more money in less time (double the income in half the time). This will also free up additional time for me to focus on the podcast.
  • When is it appropriate to charge for services as a “coach”? When your experience justifies it. If you do not feel that your experience is justified yet, you should be coaching others for free. Its important to pay it forward.
  • Importance of an abundance mindset

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