Today you get to participate in a guided visualization on making more money. (visualization starts around the 19:30 mark)

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Andy Murphy is a mindset expert and combines NLP with personal coaching & consulting to help you rewire your brain so you think the best version of yourself.

Today we are going to dive into how you can specifically develop a world class mindset, and what I’m really excited about, is you will get to hear a live visualization andy leads me through on making more money.

Guided Visualization to Make More Money

Is there a time in your life where you felt like money was flowing to you?  Most of us have a time like this, so start there.

Go back to the memory of when that money was flowing

Look at who you were in that moment (how you were thinking, feeling, and acting)

Create a simple pattern – blast yourself out to 6 months into the future 

Bring that state, and layer it into the future 

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