Steven Essa has a built a fortune helping others create killer webinars. I had the opportunity to chat with Steven about starting a webinar from scratch, and he was kind enough to break things down for me step-by-step!

A snippet from Steven’s website:

When my parents arrived in Australia in the 1970’s, they were poor, uneducated and spoke no English. However, like many post-WW2 immigrants, they were hard workers – with a commitment to making a better life for my sister and I, in this strange, new country. While there was never enough money for luxuries, Mum and Dad had a strong religious faith, family values and a work ethic that gave us the solid foundations upon which to build our lives… even though we didn’t realize it at the time.


  1. INTRODUCTION – 10 minutes
    • Killer marketing hook that will get people interested (be as specific as you can)
    • Next few slides – This webinar is for you if you are going through:
      • Pain #1
      • Pain #2
      • Pain #3
    • Tell your story, and make it relatable back to your audience (this needs to be short and sweet)
    • Incorporate lots of proof (case studies, statistics, you can be your own proof)
  2. CONTENT SECTION – 40 minutes (most important part)
    • Break teaching up into 3-5 steps (8-10 minutes per step)
    • You don’t want to go into too much detail because they are on the webinar to see if they are interested
    • Leave the “how to” to your course/services, but be sure to leave them with a few nuggets
    • Give amazing content all the way through
    • By now, people have already made up their minds if they will buy from you by now
  3. IRRESISTIBLE OFFER – Give them something they cannot resist and expect about a 10% conversion
    • If you are converting more than 10%, you probably need to increase your price
    • If you are below 10%
      • You likely have a disconnect between what you are selling and what you covered in the presentation.
      • The offer is just not irresistible enough.
      • You didn’t do a good job of highlighting the benefits
    • Sell a webinar series at $297 (8 additional webinars)
      • $297 is a great starting test price
    • Of the people who enroll in your initial product/service, roughly 10% will buy your next level program. For those that aren’t taking action, you can reach out to them and ask personally how you can help them
      • Then create a “done for your product”
    • Be calling them every week to help them achieve success and get testimonials
    • When starting out, throw in six free Skype sessions so you can do your market research.
      • Ask them “why did you buy?”
      • Get a chance to help them
    • Make it limited and time sensitive (need to hold to it)
    • Offer a guarantee – it removes all obstacles (full 30 day money back guarantee)


    • Do one webinar per week, with a goal to get 10 people to the webinar
    • Once you do this 2-3 times, you will really get the hang of the process
    • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 12pm and 8pm work great
    • Your own list, or JV (50/50 split)


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