If you try to turn your passion into a business, you’re going to hate it. Strong words from my guest Suzanne Evans, who I had the pleasure to chat with last week. There is an addendum to that phrase, however, which is: there is a difference between your passion and what you’re good at. Discover what you’re good at, and turn that into a business.

Why do most businesses fail? How do you grow your business as quickly as possible? How do you handle the reality of success? These are all things that Suzanne and I discuss in this week’s episode of The Mentee. Take a listen to the episode to hear more!


A snippet from Suzanne’s website:

It’s 2007. I was working a day job on Broadway. One night I was looking over my credit card statements and decided to fill out a budget sheet to see how long it would take to pay off my debts. I almost cried when I saw it would take 21 years. Right there I had to make a choice: I could “live smaller” and be afraid of money and wealth, or I could find a way to double my income. I knew my day job (which, quite frankly, after 10 years had left me unsatisfied) would never give me the lifestyle I needed to become the person I always knew I could be. I wanted to make a mark, I wanted to leave a legacy, and though I didn’t know what to do, what I did know was that I had to do something, and quick.

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