Ep 8. Exploring the Mentor-Mentee Relationship – Blair Reynolds

Since I launched this podcast, I have made an effort to learn about the challenges that are holding you back from achieving your dreams.  Thank you to all of you who have emailed me feedback on where you need help.  In this episode, I’m taking your feedback and bringing it to one of my mentors.
Some of the most common questions that continues to come up are focused on the Mentor/Mentee relationship:
  • How do you find mentor and what are actions you can take now?
  • How do you set yourself apart from everyone else who is seeking that person’s counsel?
  • How do you create value for your mentors when they are light years ahead of you in business and wealth?
Because of your feedback, in todays episode we are going to dive deep and explore the mentor/mentee relationship.
How does someone find a mentor? 
  • When the student is ready, the mentor will appear.
  • Sometimes it comes down to giving yourself permission to being led and to grow.
  • Start with why.. Why do you need a mentor?  If you can identify the deep reason you want one, that is a great start
  • Start to activate your network.  They usually know someone in the space you are looking for.
What actions can you take now?
  • Create some boldness and start pursuing what it is you want
  • The modern mode of marketing is to GIVE!  If you are constantly giving to others, when you have an ask others will comfortably deliver for you.
  • Shifting from a scarcity mindset to an abundant mindset.  Instead of there are only so many slices in this pie, you think if you can help enough other people get what they want, you can have a bigger pie and a bigger slice for each person
  • People are starving for connection.  Instead of approaching people with an agenda, approach them with a genuine desire to connect with them by making them feel seen, heard, and known.
  • You need to understand what people need and what they are looking for.  If you can find these out, you can find the best way to serve them and make yourself tremendously valuable.
How do you set yourself apart from everyone else who is seeking that person’s counsel?
  • Be prepared to TAKE ACTION on the counsel given to you.  Most people receive advice and do nothing with it.  Take action and you will separate yourself from 98% of other people.
  • Identify the key people you want to have mentor you, reach out to them and ask for just 1 tip that you could implement.  When you receive it, put it to work and after you do, follow up with them letting them know you asked for 1 tip, they told you to do X,Y,Z, you did it, and here were the results and you appreciate them.  This will set you apart from the rest of the crowd because 99% of people do not follow the advice given!
  • Be the person who has the “bloody knuckles”.  The person who’s knuckles are so beat up because they are constantly hitting the ceiling of their potential.  These are the people who take action!
  • 98% of people are learners, 2% are doers.  Simply taking action sets you apart.
How do you create value for your mentors when they are light years ahead of you in business and wealth?
  • Giving back to your mentor does not need to be giving material items or even acts of service.  It could be as simple as communicating your gratitude for their mentorship effectively.  You can also be the person who allows them to vent about what ever challenges they are going through.  That is one of the deepest things you can do for them and make an impact.
  • Pay it forward!  Take what you learn and teach it to someone else.
  • If you offer to be of service, make sure you follow through on what you said you would do.  If you are not in a position to help them with the specific task (you don’t know how, beyond your scope) then say you will scout for them and as you continue to network, if you come into contact with someone who could help, you will connect the dots.
Other great takeaways 
  • People will sabotage any promotion that will eclipse their self value. So bottom line, if you want to change your life, first you have to change your self image your perceived value of yourself.
  • One of the roles of a mentor is to give information like “breadcrumbs”.  Drip information in bite size pieces so it can be digested and acted upon.
  • Never be more hungry for your student’s success than your student is.  You can never go beyond that boarder.  People do not learn if they are not hungry to learn.
  • Reciprocity…when you give to others, there is an innate desire for them to give back, and that is where connection is made

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