Well folks, this is it. Season 2 begins today! As I hand off the hosting reins to our new host and Mentee, Adam Eidson, I thought I’d share a post he made last night, just a few hours before Season 2 was set to air.

It’s Sunday night…

Been up since 5:00am.

Finished morning routine by 6:00am… been hustling every minute since.

Pretty much a normal day, except for one thing…

Season 2: Episode 1 releases tomorrow morning


…and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be the Season 2 Host.

I met my Mentor Geoffrey Woods about 11 months ago… and he’s added more value and knowledge than I thought a mentor could.

Grateful to have you in my life, thank you.

I owe gratitude and thanks to a lot friends and family.

I appreciate each and every one of you.


I hope you enjoy this first episode of Adam’s story!


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