We’re featuring another phenomenal individual who’s going to break down… the life blood of your business… SALES.

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Selling is the lifeblood of your business and as you listen please take note of these three key elements.

1. Great sellers do not lead with features and benefits. They lead to the features and benefits.
2. Core Power Message in four basic questions.
3. How you can become a better salesperson… and the One KEY to Educating your client.

Gene’s bio highlights:

  • 12 years with Gateway Computers. Helped take the company from a tiny computer manufacturer in South Dakota to over $11 billion in revenue
  • 4 years with Tony Robbins – Global Executive Vice President of Sales
  • 11 sales teams broke 29 year standing sales records, at LEAST twice
  • Started Onecoach with John Assraf
  • Managing partner; lead the sales division
  • Sold more franchises than anyone
  • Joined the world famous Chet Holmes as the President of his consulting firm
  • Paired Chet and Tony Robbins together to launch the Ultimate Business Mastery System – which turned into a multi million dollar coaching and consulting firm
  • TODAY, Gene is the President of Growthsmart Inc.

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