This week…I connected with Geoff again for another coaching call. About a month ago I realized I needed to connect with Geoff more regularly and ensure I was staying on track to achieve everything I set out to do.

Geoff gave me assignment to figure out what I am great at doing and… what can I pass off to someone else and train them up on.

In this episode we’re covering…
1. For new hires in your business… what would need to happen to get them to redline?
2. Are you working on anything other than priority #1 in your business?
3. Think you’re talented? Geoff and I dive deep into the mindset of someone who is talented.
4. And Enforce the standard. The goal is the goal. People are movable, not the goal.

There is a big lesson in this episode guys… standards without consequences are merely suggestions.

Today is an amazing coaching call with Geoff!

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