S2E26: If You Don’t Succeed, Change Your Strategy and Never Give Up

Are you struggling to upgrade your top five?
Are you struggling making valuable, life long connections with those high level achievers you want to be like?

In this episode, I reached out to this person because he was the first person to reach out to me when I took over as season two’s host of the Mentee Podcast. And over these last 5 months I’ve seen him grow, make amazing introductions and connections, and he’s started crushing interviews on his Youtube Channel. The man simply comes from a place of value.

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In today’s episode, you will learn:
* How you can leverage yourself to anyone in the world.
* The 3 ways you can add value to high level people.
* And how to use linked in to make a deep connections with those you want to.

Links & Tools From This Episode
* HUSTLE IS 4 LIFE MOTIVATION YouTube Channel – Strategies, tactics, tools and techniques that others can use to accelerate their lives.

* Free gift from Tallal: ‘How To Bounce Back From Crises and Failures’

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