Getting out of your own way is not an easy task. It’s something you must work on every single day. I thought I had put enough time and thought into the one person I am looking, however… not being able to clearly define and communicate who that is… well, that’s a problem.
What do they walk like, what to they talk like, what do they look like? These are just some of the questions I have scheduled a time block… with myself… in order to get real clear on who that person is.

This isn’t easy… I’ve realized I am an idea guy and really struggle nailing down.. the finer details in order to find the exact person I need in my business right now. This wasn’t an easy call for me. I felt uncomfortable more than once because I didn’t have the clear answers for the questions Geoff was asking me.

Maybe some of you out there can relate and I hope this helped you if your struggling to find the right person as well…in your business.

In this episode we’re covering…
1. What actions can you can take, every single week, such that by taking it, you would get sharper and clearer on who your searching for?
2. How to put intangible thoughts into a tangible structure?
3. And how do you create a missing persons report?

There is a big lesson in this episode guys… the more clear you get, the faster the right people will show up in your world.

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