Have you ever felt you were the King of Remedial Jobs? Maybe you felt you weren’t good enough and weren’t achieving the results in your life you through you would?

Tom mentioned in the show, his one belief that could change you and anything in your life… is mindset. If you haven’t picked up the book today… I would highly encourage you to get Mindset by Carol Dweck. This is an amazing book and you won’t be disappointed.

Tom spoke about what he feels is the only path to success… the one thing human beings are only blown away by, why he considered himself the “King of Remedial Jobs” and his morning mindset routine.

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In this episode you’re going to:

  • What Tom feels is the only path to success
  • Human beings are only blown away by this.
  • Why was Tom the “King of Remedial Jobs”
  • What is Tom’s morning mindset routine?

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