S2E36: How to Take a Dying Franchise to Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500 – with Bedros Keuilian

Before You Can Build an Empire, You Have to Walk Like an Emperor… Bedros Keuilian is the One Man Who Can Teach You.
As a child, he ate out of dumpsters and couldn’t speak a word of English.
Today, Bedros is a best-selling author, and the founder and CEO of the world’s fastest growing fitness franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp.

He’s also famous for helping 24 of his clients go from being in debt to growing 7 figure generating empires, and helping thousands more turn their passions into multiple six figure businesses.

If you are struggling to achieve your personal and business success… this episode is meant for you.

Master your discipline, hire a team of fighter jets and get rid of the crop dusters in your life and your business.

In this episode we focused on: 1. The #1 business principle from his business mentor
2. the 80/20 principle and how it relates to your clients and your sales force
3. And how he took his dying franchise to Entrepreneur Magazines Top 500 Franchise on the planet.

Today were diving deep… with Bedros Keuilian!

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