This episode is going to add a ton of value to a lot of you out there.

Geoff really dove deep with questions that challenged the clarity I have around my business and moving forward.
If I’m not able to clearly define and share what my vision is.. for my business… then I will continue to fail.

In this episode we dove deep into these specific areas: 1. The most successful people achieve their goals by doing this one thing.
2. If you’re struggling to grow, you must identify the GAP and get to a whiteboard.
3. and… Do you know what the point of a goal is?

As Geoff and I carried on our conversation… I realized I know why my clarity has gotten a little muddy.
I went away from the things I started doing at the beginning of this year.
I stopped working the muscle that has been proven to give results.

For me and my monkey mind… that shiny object, entrepreneur spirit…. needs to head back to the whiteboard and re-visit my Disney.

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