S2E38: Building Your Business One Brick and One Client at a Time – with Chris Ryan

Have you ever asked yourself the following question: “Am I doing what I love to do?”

Today’s episode focuses on someone who’s taken years and years going down the business road trying to find what he loved to do. If you’ve asked yourself the question before: “what is it I love doing?” then be sure you listen to Season 2 Episode 38 with Chris Ryan, owner of Chrisryanfitness.com and co-owner of Spiderbands.

In order to be successful in business you must do something you love, you must be as authentic as possible, and you must develop key relationships. Success will come to you in that order as well. Doing something you love and making a living from it is true success and your happiness will last a lifetime. Showing up to the world as your most authentic self, will not only keep you happy, it will also attract those people who you want in your life. And key relationships must be developed to skyrocket your success. For Chris it started with his dad, then a college buddy, then his brother, and eventually his future wife.

In this episode we focused on: 1. Doing something you love
2. Developing key relationships
3. And being as authentic as you possibly can

There is a big lesson in this episode… to be successful you must show up as your true authentic self.

Today were diving deep… with Chris Ryan!

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