Have you ever found yourself struggling with clarity?

You’re making great money and life is going well, but there is something missing.
And you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

The harder you try to identify it… the harder it seems to figure it out.
One day someone asks you: “what are you passionate about?” or “what is your purpose in life?”
And you feel bewildered because you honestly don’t have an answer.

How do you break through this barrier?
How do you tear down this wall of uncertainty?
How do you get clarity on your life and what truly makes you happy?

Today we’re sharing with all of you a private conversation of a friend who is in this exact position.
He is super successful, however he’s missing something in his life. He’s missing that fire, that passion
that lights him up every single day.

Todays episode is about clarity and the simple, yet powerful lesson of… writing creates clarity and clarity creates genius.

Today were diving deep… with JT Teringo!

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