You are a learner, a giver, a go getter.
You consume content and subscribe to everything.

But are you moving the ball forward?

Are you taking action or are you just in motion?

You cannot steer a parked car and consuming content and taking action are two different things.

Today’s episode gets personal with the real life struggles of three listeners of The Mentee Podcast, a group of guys that met because of Geoff Woods and the show he created. If these individuals never decided to upgrade their top five this episode would never of happened.

In today’s episode we’re gave you three tips on how to struggle less in your life:
1. First, What is the biggest distraction to understanding yourself at a deeper level?
2. Second, What two letter word is holding you back from success?
3. Third, Is having a plan B holding keeping you uncommitted?

There is a big lesson in this episode guys… you must say NO, so that you can say Yes.

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