S2E48: How to Go From Surviving to Thriving – with Anthony Trucks

How was your life growing up?

Did you have a great upbringing and were you able to get all the things you wanted growing up?

Now, imagine your life differently. Imagine you were thrown into foster care at 3 years old and suffered a gruesome upbringing that consisted of starvation, beatings, and torture.

How do you think you’d grow up?

Do you think you’d be a success? Do you think you’d be able to accomplish everything you set out to do in your life?
I had a chance to sit down with Anthony Trucks, former NFL player, American Ninja Warrior, coach, consultant, author, speaker, husband, and father of 3 incredible kids.
We dove deep with Anthony about his struggles growing up, his successes, his failures, and how he ultimately has been so successful in his life when all the odds were stacked against him
In today’s episode we discussed:
1. First, what makes a team succeed?
2. Second, what does a smooth sea make not a skilled sailor mean?
3. Third, how to become a part of great teams.
There is a big lesson in this episode guys… how do you go from surviving to thriving in life?

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