Over the years how many employees have you burned out?

Were they good people who just didn’t perform the job well?

Maybe it’s this generation…maybe you feel they don’t work?

Or maybe…you haven’t lead them well.

Maybe you haven’t had clarity on exactly what you want and what you need in your
business and you’re blaming it on others.

Sound familiar?

So.. how do you succeed through others to grow your business?

Today I connected with my mentor Geoff Woods.


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I’ve been going down the road of hiring using a principle I learned from Geoff called the 30-60-90. This was new to me and I haven’t quite perfected it yet and this week Geoff showed up to help me better understand how to use this amazing tool. Today we’re giving you three keys on how to succeed through your employees:
In today’s episode we discussed:
1. First, how can you help your employees self assess?
2. Second, the two things every conversation must have?
3. And Third, how to get clear on your Job Descriptions in your business?
There is a big lesson in this episode guys… why a good mentor gives you sweaty palms.
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