S2E51: What Will Inspire You to Take the Jump to Entrepreneurship? – with April Seifert

Have you ever thought how different your life would be if you weren’t punching a clock every day?

What it would be like to finally have the courage to pursue your dream of being an entrepreneur?

Maybe todays episode will help you take the leap of faith.

Today episode, we have an amazing woman on the show. She is the host of the Women Inspired! podcast and is a fierce believer in the power of a woman in action! After some life experiences and a layoff, the seeds were planted and the germination took place that April needed to take a year to take a chance.
In today’s episode we discussed:
1. The first piece of advice April would give for people wanting to take the leap?
2. The one thing you must do to hit your target in the first year?
3. How to figure out what information you should share?
There is a big lesson in this episode guys… what will inspire you to take the jump to entrepreneurship?


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