Today we sat down with a bestselling author, multiple time TEDx speaker, and host of the Conversations with PASSION! Radio Show & Podcast. This man has sat down to conduct individual interviews with over 4,000 thought leaders, and in the process, learning the most common traits these people have to gain extraordinary success.

In this episode we share with you the three most common traits of highly successful people:

1. Trait #3, the power of saying NO.
2. Trait #2, they know importance of feeding their mind.
3. Trait #1, learn how to live on purpose by living their calling.

There is a big lesson in this episode guys… model these 3 most common traits to be successful?

Today were diving deep with…. Corey Poirier!

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Your Call-to-Action from this episode:

Learn how to live on purpose. What drives you… what inspires you… find your passion and start living it today!

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