If you asked Geoff Woods why he started the Mentee Podcast, he will tell you that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. He would also tell you to be more interested than interesting and start coming from a place of value.

We believe that surrounding yourself with those who build you up and coming from a place of value comes down to making moments that matter.

Today’s guest, Jon Vroman, was inspired by this idea. He founded the Front Row Foundation and wrote the #1 bestselling book The Front Row Factor, and he has dedicated the rest of his life to helping others, especially people who are fighting for their lives, create moments that matter.

In this episode we shared with you 3 keys on how to make moments that matter:
1. First, how do you make others feel like rock stars.
2. Second, who are your Top 8 and what are their dreams.
3. Third, how can you start shining your light today.

There is a big lesson in this episode guys… make moments for other people that matter.

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