This is the moment a lot of you have been waiting for! After talking about the future of the podcast and how we’re going to start Season 2, you finally get to hear from our candidates for the next host of The Mentee. Enjoy!

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Alison Cardy – applied as Season 3 host because she has received so much value since listening to the Mentee Podcast. She wants to give back to this community who has helped lift her up.
1. Aiming to grow coaching business to a million dollars in revenue.
2. Wants to influence the audience to take more action. Help them move forward.


Tallal Gondal – has a full time job and knows he is stuck. Wants to go from employee to entrepreneur. Tallal has been a listener since Geoff started the Mentee Podcast.
1. At end of Season 3 has started a business, become an entrepreneur and will be able to leave his full time job.


Natalee Champlin – busy mother of 3 who wants to add value to others like she has gained from listening to the Mentee Podcast. Like Tallal, Natalee has been a listener since the beginning when Geoff created the Mentee Podcast.
What value can you bring?
1. Going from Entrepreneur to Purposeful Entrepreneur. Build a business she can walk away from. Wants to stop being a technician as described in the E-Myth.
2. Document her journey on YouTube.
The #1 specific measurable?
1. Build a course, a product like she’s done for other companies.
2. Be consistent building her platform documenting her journey.
3. Establish relationships and build a launch team with an email list of 100,000 people.

Well there you have it… our conversations with the top 3 finalists for Season 3’s Mentee!

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