Welcome back to the show, are you smiling right now? I hope you’ve intentions for a wonderful day today. I am sending you good vibes.


On today’s episode we are pulling back the curtains of our private community called the inner circle. It’s a monthly membership where you get access to the action takers and high performers who are a part of this community. As well as weekly training us and the things Geoff and I are learning from our mentors.


In our call today we talk with a newer member of the inner circle. He has taken massive action on upgrading his 5 and it snowballing. He and I recorded this conversation weeks ago, and just today he emailed me saying that one of the mentors he reached out to that he thought would never respond to his email – just replied and agreed to mentor him.


I’m not making this up.


So, let’s give you a little taste of what happens when you get into a supportive community that encourages you, genuinely cares about your success, and helps you find your highest leverage activities so you can make meaningful progress on your career or business.


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