Sean is a creator and successful business owner of a media company that provides education for creative entrepreneurs. He’s built up a huge following, and significant income doing something that he loves. He’s the author of Overlap, Jeff Goin’s quoted the book saying, “It’s a book that teaches you everything you need to know to turn your passion into a profession.”


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In this show you’ll learn:

  • What does it mean to leverage social media to build influence?
  • We think acting bigger than we are gets us to the big numbers BUT it’s the people who do the things that don’t scale that grow the most influence
  • When we look beyond the people we are already reaching, we are missing the point.
  • Niching down and go as specific as you need to until you can be the best
  • Why you need to know who your top competitor is
  • How to get traction by curating what you share – niching down
  • Why you can only have 150 close relationships and why people are going to put you in a box- and what you can do about it.
  • Why I have a love hate relationship with the laptop lifestyle I’ve lived the last few years.  
  • Giveaway the What, Sell the How.
  • Why speaking to one person builds a stronger audience (60 min)
  • The importance of iterating in public  


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Sean’s wife, Laci has a personal chef/catering company in Texas, Instagram: @lacijanea


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