Have you ever been to a conference before?

What was building relationships there like for you?

Today I want to give you some easy ways you can upgrade your experience at the next conference you go to (even if you’re an introvert).


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In this episode you’ll learn:

* How having roommates during a conferences gives you a home base, to get comfortable branching out knowing you’ll always have somewhere to come back to.

* That having a core group of friends at a conference allows you to discuss and process what you’re learning with a diverse set of perspectives

* What you need to immediately implement what you’re learning at the conference by applying it to your own business

* How to process what is your next right step to grow your business

* How to steepen the “curve” of success for your business

* That you never have to feel alone in your business

* When choosing who to go to a conference with be open to the opportunity for something amazing to come

* Ask yourself: Who is a connector?

* Ask yourself: Who spends their time around great people?

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