In this episode you’ll learn:

* Grit can get you anywhere. Being the type of person who creates value for others and follow your path to success.

* You need to have brain space to take on something as big as starting your own business. Make space in your head by starting with getting rid of the clutter in your home. Then consider what things crowd your creativity at work?

* What tasks can you delegate that don’t move the needle for your business?

* You don’t need to try and “be one of the guys” or fit into a mold that isn’t you.

* To build a community – get on social media. Use linked in to get to know people who you think would be interesting to talk to or get to know.

* Identify people you’d really like to be around and start investing in THEIR life. Say something really valuable.

* Put others first

* Amazing opportunities you’d never dream of can come your way when you make investing in others a regular habit.


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