In this episode you’ll learn:


  • The worst question to ask others, particular if you’re newly acquainted – and what you can ask instead.
  • Why you need to be the “Sherlock Holmes of discourse”.
  • Why you shouldn’t necessarily help everyone.
  • What is a connector, why you need to learn how to be one, and connector skills you can cultivate.
  • Why you need stop using hacks and tips, rather BE the type of person who LIVES the lifestyle and mindset of a connector and relationship builder.
  • Scott’s curveball to my question: “How do you introduce yourself to someone you want to impress?”
  • How to get in touch with anyone.
  • Why relationships are the long game.
  • The biggest truth that Scott’s mentor taught him.
  • How to make an ask the right way, and one interesting trick to make sure you get it right (and ask the right person).
  • Why you need to think about relationships in a long term way.


BONUS: Scott’s answer to my bucket-list question, “How can I meet Tom Hanks?”


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